Nancy Sableski: Paintings of the Arnold Arboretum
These paintings span over 15 years of making images of the Arnold Arboretum landscape in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Arboretum exists as both a public park and a living museum of trees and other woody plants. The human hand is evident in almost every place you look, from the choice of trees, to the paved roads and man-made ponds, to the daily maintenance required to keep a living museum safe, healthy, and beautiful. In this way it is a fully designed, or invented landscape, although the creators intended that the human interventions be subsumed into an apparent naturalness that needed little oversight.

Just as the Arboretum is a fully invented place, so are my most recent paintings. After years of painting on the grounds, I wanted to make landscapes that explore near and far, light and shadow, focus and impression. By using photos from my cell phone, I started each painting in the studio, designing personal places in which questions about conventions of landscape painting could be freed from a loyalty to an actual location.

Blue/white is on display at my current show, "The Invented Landscape,"at the Arnold Arboretum from February 21-May 29, 2015. See News for more information.
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